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CAM Solutions offers all its clients and affiliates a help desk question, where you can e-mail any query pertaining to absenteeism management and we will do our best to answer your query as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We recently had a query where one of our readers asked: I wanted to ask you about an organisation that have employees that travel everywhere and are not really based in the office - how would you implement the absenteeism management system?

Our answer:

Absenteeism management only works well if the time and attendance system is working properly.  We often find that employers do not have good systems in place to ensure that the absenteeism records are accurate.  The system may not be adequate to ensure that if a person is absent that it is always recorded.  A good system should have a record of which employees should attend work (NB if shift work) and then identify those employees who were not at work.  That list should then be modified as and when information on the reason for the absence is obtained.  These could be due to, being late, family responsibility, sick leave, etc.  Initially all absent employees should be recorded as AWOL until the reasons are received.  If an employee is still recorded as AWOL after a period of time and no reasons are forthcoming for the absence, then obviously this may lead to disciplinary steps.

A time and attendance system is easy to implement if there is secure access to the work premises but may be more difficult where secure access is not present e.g. in an office environment.  The client may want to utilise network log on times to assist with attendance management.

The absence management for the employees who travel a lot will be difficult and in most cases the employer will have to make use of innovative ways to control absenteeism.  We know of a company that has a tracking system installed in the sales representatives cars.  This is expensive and a little extreme when the best measure for a sales representative is sales performance.  In other words, if the rep is stealing a day or two, but is exceeding sales targets, why worry too much!

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