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Health Management Services

CAM Solutions aims in providing software to our affiliates, who in turn use this software in aiding their clients in managing their employees' health more effectively and thereby reducing absenteeism and promoting a more productive workforce.  The software, Absolv, is available through various options through CAMS or through our various affiliates.  Our affiliates can also offer the following services:

  • Review of existing health and absenteeism management policies and procedures and recommendations based on findings.   
  • Training covering:
    • Introductory training aimed at senior managers
    • Sick certificate review
    • Return to Work interviews
    • Use of employee profiles per the AMR™   
  • Assistance with incapacity and disability cases
    • Identification of potential disability cases
    • Liaison with clinical services
    • Review and submission of disability claims
    • Assistance with medical assessments
    • Follow-up with underwriters.   
  • Other health management services including:
    • HIV / AIDS - Voluntary counselling and testing
    • Assisting companies with Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) and ensuring that all service providers work in unison to the benefit of the employee and company thereby eliminating silo effects.
    • Occupational Health and Safety Reviews

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