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Business of CAMS

Understanding CAMS business

CAMS provides ABSOLV to various users being:

  • HR Consultants
  • Medical Aid Consultants
  • Disability Case Managers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Providers of Employee Assistance Programmes, as well as
  • Direct to employers

The software is provided under various options:

  • On a rental based on a sliding scale starting at R3.50 per employee per month and reducing to R0.42 per employee per month at more than 105 000 employees. The average cost per employee at 105 000 employees is around R1.25 per employee per month. This is the most popular option as the major benefit is the “pay as you grow” basis with no large capital outlay required. A minimum fee of R1 250 per month applies. The software is loaded onto the clients network and made available to any number of users with access to the network.
  • On an outright purchase starting at R750 000, depending on the number of users. This option is aimed at larger employers or consultants with a large client base.
  • In certain circumstances, usually during the initial take-on period of a new client, CAMS will act as a bureau and obtain data from the client, process this data and provide the necessary reports to the client.
  • The software has been developed to allow a consultant to install the system on their web server and thereby give their clients access to the system via the internet.

Currently ABSOLV has data from more than 170 000 employees which is used to develop benchmark information such as:

  • Overall absenteeism rates
  • Absenteeism rates applicable for various income levels
  • Absenteeism rates for various age groups
  • Expected duration and incident rates for various income levels and age groups
  • Most common diagnosis for short term incidents and long term incidents
  • The relationship between short term incidents and overall sick absenteeism rates

The main output from ABSOLV is an Absenteeism Management Report (AMR™). The report consists of two sections being the corporate information and the individual employee profiles. These reports are used extensively in the consulting process as well as integrated into the systems and procedures at employers.

ABSOLV is designed to identify employees who are outside of certain expected norms and to highlight these employees for further assistance either through employee wellness programmes, disability management programmes or in extreme cases for disciplinary action to be taken.

It is common for employers to manage sick absenteeism on a reactive basis rather than on a proactive basis. The ABSOLV system provides information and indications of problems before these are evident and the system can be integrated into the payroll and HR systems and used as an effective tool to management sick absenteeism.

The system has been designed to cater for up to 7 different classifications which means that an employer can report, as an example, by region, branch, department or even job classification. An employer can then set benchmarks and measure departments against similar departments or even set performance criteria for department managers to achieve.

Individual absenteeism profiles are generated which measures individual employees against a set of criteria such as the expected number of visits to a medical practitioner, number of different diagnosis codes and short and long term incidents. These profiles are further enhanced through the calculation of two unique indices called and Absenteeism Index (AI™) and a Health Index (HI™) which provide an indication of sick leave abuse and serious health conditions respectively. In addition to the above CAMS also provides training to consultants who wish to offer sick absenteeism management but do not have the necessary skills.

ABSOLV can also be used as a tool to perform one-off absenteeism and health audits and also later integrated within the employees systems and procedures to continually monitor and control sick absenteeism.

Should you be interested in acquiring access to this software please contact Johnny Johnson at 083 270 4630.

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