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Becoming a CAMS Affiliate

Sick absenteeism management is rapidly becoming an area where a number of consultants in the HR arena are offering their services to employers and creating an additional revenue stream.

Corporate Absenteeism Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd (CAMS) is a South African based company which is regarded as the leader with regard to sick absenteeism management and providing benchmark information on absenteeism. (A Google search using combinations of the key words “CAMS”, “Johnny Johnson”, ”AIC” will provide a number of results to support this assertion).

The company owns specialised software, called ABSOLV™, which is utilised by various consultants and employers to perform sick absenteeism audits and to provide ongoing consulting services aimed at reducing sick absenteeism. The software is also used as a tool to measure and monitor the health status of an employer in general and its employees specifically. A sample of the main output from the system, the Absenteeism Management Report (AMR™) can be viewed on our website - click here.

Currently CAMS has more than 100 000 active employees on the ABSOLV system and a historical database of more than 170 000 employees which is used to derive meaningful benchmark information.

This software is now available to all consultants with the major advantage being that it is available on a “pay-as-you-grow” basis. This means that the consultant can match their costs with revenues and there is no need to outlay large amounts of capital or to incur upfront or monthly costs before any revenue is earned. Flexible options are available which allows the software to be accessed via the internet (aimed at smaller employers) or loaded on your network, or web server, and accessed by a number of users, aimed at the larger employer or consultant with a large number of clients.

Consultants can also register as an affiliate; refer clients to the ABSOLV™, and earn a referral commission of 25% on all revenue earned from that client should they sign up as an ABSOLV™ user.  Clients using ABSOLV™ will pay an initial sign-on fee of R1 250 and then R5 per employee per month thereafter.  The affiliate will earn 25% commission on all incoming monies.  The ideal clients for the ABSOLV™ web-portal are employers with 250 employees or less.

Ideally, affiliates should be involved in one or more of the following industries: 

  • Health Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Absenteeism Management
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Disability Management
  • HIV/AIDS Management

Consultants in the HR industry can increase their revenue by offering an additional sick absenteeism management service to their existing clients with little effort through the use of ABSOLV™. In addition CAMS offers a two day sick absenteeism management training programme aimed at equipping consultants with the necessary skills to offer this service.

The individual earnings of employees is recorded and utilised to calculate the overall cost of sick absenteeism and can also be used, together with the job grades, to provide useful remuneration information at a later stage.

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