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Corporate Absenteeism Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd (CAMS) came into existence in February 2006. The business was previously a division of Algoa Insurance Company Limited (AIC). The sole shareholder of CAMS, Johnny Johnson, was instrumental in the demutualization of a mutual society, called Algoa Income Protection Plan, into the long term insurance company called AIC in July 2003.

The mutual society operated as a sick pay fund and on conversion to a long term insurance company continued to offer an insurance product where the employer (the policyholder) passed on the risk of sick absenteeism to the insurance company. The product is similar to PPS but with a blue collar worker membership base. In essence the insurance company pays the employees, rather than the employer, when they are sick. The insurance risk was largely uncontrolled and a risk management system was developed to monitor and manage the sick absenteeism risk at the corporate clients. This system was very successful where implemented and resulted in a reduction of sick absenteeism by as much as 40%. The underwriting profitability of the insurance company improved dramatically and the corporate policyholders benefited through reduced costs.

The insurance company later developed a non insurance related product, called Corporate Absenteeism Management Solution (CAMS), and utilised the risk management system as the tool to support this product. In February 2006 Johnny Johnson sold his interest in the insurance company and as part of the transaction took over the non insurance related product together with all existing clients and intellectual capital, including the risk management system. This business was transferred into a new company called CAMS. The business continued to offer a consulting service together with the use of the risk management system.

In 2007 the consulting portion of the business was separated and sold to ABSA Health-care Consultants (Pty) Ltd. CAMS now owns the risk management software (called ABSOLV) and rents or sells this software to various corporate users (affiliates). These users provide the sick absenteeism management consulting service to their clients.

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