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Approach & Methodology

There are a number of factors contributing to absenteeism. Unplanned sick absenteeism may result from health related incidents as result of intermittent and short-term illness, chronic and manageable diseases or disabling disease and injuries. Alternatively unplanned sick absenteeism may be due to ancillary causes such as social problems or work related issues.

In most cases, employers assume a need for a certain intervention without the knowledge of what specifically is affecting their employees' health and wellness. This approach often leads to inefficient health and wellness programmes being implemented with a resultant waste of company funds. CAM Solutions has devised the following approached, used by all our affiliates, in aiding employers bring down their absenteeism:

  • Identification of employee health and wellness by providing a synopsis at a particular period in time for the previous 12 months,
  • Introduction of a monitoring and measuring system which identifies the specific requirements for EAPs, health interventions (disability case management) or in extreme cases, the need for disciplinary action where abuse is detected.

Our approach is best illustrated by the following diagram:

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