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Absolv: Terms and Conditions

CAM Solutions sells the software to help our affiliates manage absenteeism at their clients.  The benefits are:

The Absolv software offers a unique flexibility to our clients in management absenteeism and just some of the features of our software are:

  • Control and monitor sick absenteeism of employers
  • Identification and monitoring of health management
  • Identification and monitoring of disability management
  • Sick and health audits – once off benchmarking
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting

The Absolv system also offers the following features:

  •  Data upload facility or manual input of data
  • Up to seven classifications (e.g. regions, branches, departments, cost centres, job descriptions, etc) – the classifications can also be compared to each other
  • Individual employee profiles
  • Benchmarking – other employers, internally per classification and per employee
  • Benchmarking – Absenteeism Index (AITM) and Health Index (HITM)
  • Analysis of diagnosis codes (ICPC2)
  • Analysis by age
  • Analysis by income band
  • Comparison of short and long term illness

There are various options for obtaining the software - kindly e-mail [email protected] for more information in this regard.

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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

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