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Providing Software Solutions in Absenteeism Management

Absolv™ Software is the perfect, user-friendly programme which allows you to fully manage your company's Absenteeism and sick leave, from your own desktop. View your absenteeism statistics at a glance, for either individual employees, or for your company overall.

Part of the service from CAM Solutions is the integration of the Absenteeism Management Report™ into the company's existing structure. Through this, effective absenteeism management is achieved by identification of specific trends across the company as well as at the individual employee level. These trends identify employees displaying health related issues as well as employees displaying abuse of sick absenteeism.  For more information about this unique service, go to the Absenteeism Management Report.

To learn more about CAM Solutions' dynamic approach, as well as the highly effective process which we follow, be sure to look at the following links:

Approach and Methodology


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