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Absenteeism Management Report (AMR)

The AMR™ is an integral part of the programme that is used in bringing down the costs associated with absenteeism, as well as the absenteeism rate, and provides a highly developed monthly report.

Through the integration of the AMR™ into the company's existing structure, effective absenteeism management is achieved by identification of specific trends across the company as well as at the individual employee level. These trends identify employees displaying health related issues as well as employees displaying abuse of sick absenteeism. The AMR™ can be outlined as follows:

Overall company measurement

  • Overall key absenteeism management statistics providing a snapshot overview of the company's absenteeism position.
  • Analyses by duration of claim, gender, diagnosis category and income band.
  • Analysis by department/division and region/area. This aspect of the report will highlight specific potential training needs, work environment issues and specific line management development interventions.
  • Benchmarking of your company's statistics and ratios against norms.
  • Overall employer absenteeism profile.
  • Monthly absenteeism trend.

Individual employee measurement:

  • Individual absenteeism profiles including detailed information on doctors visited, diagnoses, trends regarding public holidays and Monday claims as well as a comparison to the average profile in your company.
  • Detailed exception reports.

    View Sample AMR here.

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