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Absenteeism Management

Corporate Absenteeism Management Solutions
CAM Solutions can provide your business with a sophisticated tool that is used to monitor and measure absenteeism, focusing predominantly on unplanned absenteeism and more specifically on sick absenteeism. For an overview of our software system, log onto Absolv.
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Absenteeism Management Report (AMR)
The AMR™ is an integral part of the programme and provides a highly developed monthly report. Through the integration of the AMR™ into the company's existing structure, effective absenteeism management is achieved by identification of specific trends across the company as well as at the individual employee level. These trends identify employees displaying health related issues as well as employees displaying abuse of sick absenteeism. The AMR™ can be outlined as follows:
Absolv Software
Approach & Methodology
Approach and Methodology to absenteeism management
Diagnosis Codes
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4) Archived articles:  1 

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