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Absenteeism Index

CAM Solutions has developed an absenteeism index (AI) to assist with the interpretation of the relative measure of sick absenteeism for employees in an organisation. The AI is calculated for each employee for a specific 12 month continuous period.

The AI is effective in identifying possible opportunistic absenteeism and to measure relative changes for individual employees and averages between different companies over time.

The AI is directly proportional to the number of incidents and the number of short-term durations (typically lasting 4 days or less). The AI is effective in highlighting employees with a large number of short-term illness incidents. Since longer-term sickness incidents have only a small impact on the index, it is not suitable in identifying employees with potential disabilities or chronic illness.

In any organisation for a given period, a proportion of the employees will not take any sick leave. This should be taken into account when interpreting:

a) The average AI per employee, and
b) The average AI per claimant.

The following table illustrates the sensitivity of the distribution of AI for a typical organisation:

Proportion with AI <= Claimants Employees
10 59.1% 73.9%
20 67.1% 78.9%
30 74.1% 83.4%
50 73.7% 87.0%
100 87.4% 91.9%
150 90.7% 94.1%
200 93.3% 95.7%
300 95.8% 97.3%
400 97.0% 98.1%
500 97.9% 98.6%
1000 99.4% 99.6%
> 1000 100.0% 100.0%

Therefore, in an organisation exhibiting a typical distribution of sick leave incidents, we would expect approximately 20% of claimants and 13% of employees to have an AI greater than 50.

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